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Car or train?


ABOVE: Two Eurostar trains in the Gare de Nord, Paris. INSET BELOW: A Peugeot 206 from the Peugeot "Buy Back" tourist lease program.

Deciding between driving and rail travel:
A do-it-yourself quiz

photoFirst-time travelers to Europe often want to know, "Should I drive or take the train?" There's no one answer, but this Europe for Visitors questionnaire can help you weigh your options more easily. Click the buttons next to the questions below, read my comments under "Yes" and "No," then record the score for each question. When you've finished, see the scoring page for help in deciding what's likely to work best for you. 

Question 1:   Do you live in Europe and own a car?

Question 2:  Are you visiting a country where people drive on the same side of the road as they do at home?

Question 3:   What's your itinerary: city to city, rural and small towns, or a mixture of cities and countryside?

Question 4:    How many people are traveling in your group? What are their ages?

Question 5:   If you're spending most of your time at a single destination, what will you be doing there?

Question 6:   If you're flying in from abroad, will you arrive and depart from the same city?

Scoring:   After you've added up your scores, consult this page.

Links:  Learn about driving in Europe, rail passes, timetables, etc.

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